Update on Nathaniel’s Surgery: Walking after surgery

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Update on Nathaniel’s Surgery: The Cast is OFF!

March 7, 2013 § 1 Comment


Nathaniel having his cast (plaster of paris) removed by the nurse

We were back at Beit Cure Hospital again on Tuesday and Nathaniel had his cast removed!!!! It was a great day and he LOVED taking a full-on bath that night (I loved that full-on clean child smell). I anticipated him having a cast being much more difficult than it was. He was (fairly) understanding about not getting it wet, even though playing with water is one of his favorite things (especially in this warm weather). No proper bathing meant that Mama got to use those nursing skills to teach Daddy how to do a proper bed bath.

The surgery seems to be successful as his foot is very straight. We will continue physiotherapy and work on encouraging him towards walking. He has to understand that walking is less painful and more efficient than crawling on his knees and he’s not quite there yet.

We have plans for swimming this weekend with friends, playing with his “buckety” outside, and at least one “baffa” a day.

Update on Nathaniel’s Surgery

February 25, 2013 § 2 Comments

Nathaniel is doing very well after his gastroc recession surgery 11 days ago. Ben commented on my “mean” post-op nursing care making him work doing stretches and walking (plus a “bowel regimen” to counteract the pain medication). You do what you have to do.

He now has physiotherapy 3 times a week and is getting used to walking on his cast and now (almost) straight leg. He had discomfort for almost the first week and was quite irritable. He didn’t like taking the pain medicine (acetaminophen with codeine) because of the wooziness but he was grumpy when his leg was hurting. It was the lesser of two evils. He did however refuse to stay home from school and wanted to go every day. I would have let him watch TV at home. He didn’t know that though.

He is missing his “baffa” and playing outside with water and keeps asking me if we can take the cast off. Sorry, not yet, Kid. His little plastic motorcycle is still a hit and he will zoom all over the house and outside.

In the midst of his recovery, he has taken up an “Eh-faniel do it” attitude about everything. He wants to put toothpaste on his tooth-brush, feed himself with a fork even when its a challenging food, and hates when a fun activity is all done. I also got him to sit quietly for AN HOUR by giving him construction paper and scissors. He was hooked.

Developmental milestones.

Back at Beit Cure

February 13, 2013 § 3 Comments

Nathaniel is having surgery on his leg tomorrow to lengthen his tendon and reduce some of the contractures.
It seems as if we have come to the end of physical therapy for a bit and now need surgical intervention to help aid him in learning to walk.
Although its a relatively simple procedure, the policy is to be admitted to the hospital the night before and the night after surgery. I will be staying with Nathaniel in a private ward so at least we can be together. He’s had multiple rounds of anesthesia since he’s been home with us and is one of those kids that ALWAYS cries when he wakes up, poor baby.
Even though I am a nurse it’s always hard when it’s YOUR kid having surgery. Sometimes I think I know too much. If I can help it, I try not to tell the staff I’m a nurse too but it inevitably comes out.
We would appreciate prayer for the surgery and recovery time. We will update as able!

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