{Movie Monday} Church at Qwest

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Mars Hill Church hosted their 2011 Easter Service at Qwest Field.¬† I haven’t been feeling well these last few days but did muster up the energy to attend the service. It was very cool to be all together as a church and Pastor Mark Driscoll preached a great and Gospel centered message. The video is from aerial shots that were taken during the service. We’re on the 300 level on the north side…I can just barely see myself ūüėČ


Community…find one!

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We have such a wonderful community group at Church…it is close to our home and filled with people who are also passionate about the Gospel and loving people in their community (see also here for our Haiti event we did together). We are young and old, singles and marrieds. It is always a breath of fresh air to be with our “CG”, as we call it. It’s funny because I probably wouldn’t normally have been hanging out with some of these people but it’s amazing how the Lord knits people’s hearts together.


Tonight, I’m making garlic mashed potatoes (also seen here) for a fried chicken dinner potluck we’re having. We will eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and pie and then we will talk about the message from the week and share about our lives. Community is a beautiful thing. Get in one!

Haiti Promise Packs: The Event

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{The following was written by Ben}

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, Mars Hill Bellevue commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake by assembling World Vision Promise Packs for Haitian children.


Marin and Me doing registration


Writing notes of encouragement

More than 50 men, women, and children participated in the event to fill 250 backpacks with school supplies and personal care items, and the completed packs were picked up the following day by World Vision for shipment to Haiti.


Assembly line for the backpacks

Thank you to everyone who participated, either by assembling packs or by contributing financially to the event.  We had a great crew who helped with set-up, pack assembly, and clean-up.  We are grateful for your partnership in showing God’s love to the children of Haiti!


Our community group

And a special thank you to our wonderful community group! They came early and stayed late to help make the event happen. Thanks, guys!


Haiti Promise Pack Build

January 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

On the 1-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake (January 12th, 2011 at 6:30pm), we are having a ‚ÄúPromise Pack‚ÄĚ Build event where we will assemble backpacks filled with school supplies and personal care items for Haitian children.¬† The assembled packs will be shipped via World Vision to Haiti.¬† As 40% of Haitian children do not attend school (US Dept of State), these Promise Packs will go a long way towards helping children attend school.

We would love for you to partner with us and help put the packs together.¬† Also, we are raising funds to pay for the materials and shipping ($25 per pack, with a goal of 250 packs assembled).¬† Please email Ben or myself for more information or to contribute (check donations written out to “World Vision” are tax-deductible). On behalf of the Haitian children, thank you!

Happy 2011!

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At my birthday dinner, Ben and I reminisced over 2010 and some of the major events we experienced over the year. So, dear blog readers, here is an abridged version for your enjoyment.



In the first month of the year, I had my first doula client and the birth of my god-daughter. What a blessing to be at her birth!

My first doula client and one of my best friends Holly and baby Winter Grace

We then headed to Palm Springs, CA for a midwinter vacay. Contrary to the snow you see high up on the mountain, it was sunny and mid 60s.

A Snowy Palm Springs Vacation



We packed and moved out of the city

Enjoying our old Green Lake apartment



We had our first overnight guest! Winter (3 1/2 months) and Ben having some fun together

Winter imitating Ben...probably after talking about the Seahawks latest trade



We had the help of a designer student to decorate our living room. It looks perfect! I love being home.

Our new apartment fully decorated!



I met Ben in New York while he was on a work trip and we celebrated his birthday lying on the beach in Virginia with the incredible Casey Tait


In the Library of Congress

We also spent time in Portland at the Young Professionals Weekend Getaway.

Hiking Multonomah Falls with YP



I helped teach a birthing class though the City Church City Group. What a fun experience to work with an amazing doula (Holly Cervantes) and her husband and to help teach these expecting parents about labor and birth.

The City Church Birth Class



We celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a trip to Orcas Island

On the Ferry

Doing model shots for fun

My handsome husband

If you’ve ever wondered where my avatar blog picture came from, here it is!

Sunset on Orcas



We celebrated my wonderful mom’s 39th birthday

The Leyde 5

I hit up Chelan with some girlfriends (remember this post?) while Ben was in Africa on business

Lovely ladies



Then I finally met up with Ben in Uganda! He finished his business with World Vision in Kenya and Zambia and met me outside customs in Entebbe Airport in Uganda. What a welcome sight! I was very sick (see here for more details) before leaving but God healed me and gave me strength, I took antibiotics, and it was a wonderful trip (more here).

Kyambura Gorge - going chimpanzee tracking


Ben preached


I nursed



We made the difficult but wonderful decision to transition to Mars Hill Church (read more here). We are so thankful to be at a church that is missional (http://www.acts29network.org/) and is centered on the Gospel. The word that has resonated with both Ben and I the most this year is community. We have such a rich community in the body of Christ with such wonderful relationships. If you don’t have a good community, there’s hope! God will place you into a family. You don’t have to live life alone.

I’ve also been learning how to do ultrasounds for my volunteer work at Carenet (more here) this past year



We celebrated birthdays, holidays and more holidays, and more birthdays (including mine!). We worked hard this year, experienced a lot of heart ache and difficulty, but God was faithful. And we can see His hand on us throughout the year.


JANUARY 1st,  2011

Here’s to a wonderful new year full of true Peace and Joy. Happy 2011!

Lake Chelan

New Development for the Menenbergs

October 7, 2010 § 2 Comments


Mars Hill Church

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For several months, we have struggled in prayer regarding the direction that God is leading us.  After much prayer, careful consideration, and discussion with several pastors, we have come to the conclusion that the Lord is leading us to attend the Bellevue campus of Mars Hill Church.

Leaving a church is never an easy decision, and we have agonized over this decision for several months.¬† Without a doubt, God has used our time at the City Church to shape our lives and improve our understanding of Him.¬† Additionally, we have been part of a strong community of believers whom we love and adore.¬† However, there are several significant factors influencing this change in direction for us.¬† The first factor influencing our decision is Mars Hill’s participation in church planting and missionary training through the Acts 29 Network.¬† We have a strong desire in our hearts to someday be a part of a church plant, and we are excited about the opportunity for training through Mars Hill.¬† The second factor influencing our decision is the doctrine of Mars Hill.¬† Without going into specifics, we appreciate Mars Hill’s strong emphasis on the Gospel message and how this understanding of the Gospel shapes the rest of their teaching.¬† The third and final factor is that we have the peace of God and know that He is leading us.

We recognize that this is a major transition and our desire is to carry it out thoughtfully, transparently, and respectfully.  We made the announcement to friends at Belltown last Sunday and I wanted to share in more details some of the reasons for us going. Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions or concerns.

Last night, we attended our first community group at Mars Hill (in walking distance from our home). It was a wonderful introduction to the beautiful community at Mars Hill. It’s a new and exciting season! We will miss our dear church family at the City Church and are glad to know that we will always be a part of God’s family with them.

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