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Winter has come to Lusaka and this is what it feels like inside our house (with the heat on and I’m wearing leggings, jeans, socks, slippers, a tank top, long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, sweater, and scarf. Not. even. joking.):

This is from Lake Chelan in 2011 but this is how it FEELS in my non-insulated house here in Africa in June.


{Wordless Wednesday} 4 Lakes Winery Panarama

August 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

4 Lakes Winery, Manson, WA

Synchronized Swimming

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More from our trip last weekend – Leyde/Menenberg adventures in Lake Chelan. Enjoy!


{Wordless Wednesday} Echo Ridge Panarama

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Echo Ridge Hike, Chelan, WA

Long-Weekend Happenings at Lake Chelan

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It seems that this year we’ve made it over to Lake Chelan at least once a month for the past few months. With our coming move to Africa in September, we’ve had about 3 “last trips” to Chelan. In case you haven’t picked up on it through my frequent pictures east of the mountains, I LOVE it over here! Something about the mountain air, blue water, sun, and the sleepy little tourist towns that brings comfort to my soul.

When my husband asked for a long weekend vacation in Chelan in conjunction with the celebration of my mom’s birthday, I jumped at the chance! Here are some highlights:

The birthday girl

Dessert celebration at Campbell's Restaurant

Saturday Morning Manson Farmers Market

Barn Owl awareness at the market

The barn owls make their nests under the hay stacks and are being killed when the stacks are sold. The owls eat mice and then regurgitate the bones and fur. This lady was trying to raise awareness of what the owls do – fascinating creatures!

Lakeside picnic

The view (Kamei Campground, Wapato Lake, WA)

Mini-Golf in Chelan

{Wordless Wednesday} SnoCones

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Lake Chelan, Manson, WA

{Wordless Wednesday}

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Lake Chelan, Manson, WA


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