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In spite of my growing up years of only eating clean food (versus the Biblical unclean foods of shellfish, bacon, etc.), we have come to have an affinity for bacon with our Saturday morning pancakes. Apparently, Nathaniel is a fan as well. His Uncle David Menenberg (who named his dog “Bacon”) and his wife Sarah are very proud.

In addition, this lovely Pinterest find:

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Happy weekending!


This is [My] Zambia[n Wife]

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The staple of Zambian diet is called “nshima” (pronounced sheema).  In a Zambian’s mind, nshima effectively means the same thing as food – thus, if you want to eat food, that means you want to eat nshima.

In our efforts to appreciate all things Zambia, we regularly eat nshima.  Also, Laura decided recently that she wants to cook nshima.  She went to the store to buy some mielie meal (fine maize), and she met with disbelief from the Zambian cashier.  First, he was shocked that a mzungu was buying mielie meal.  Secondly, he was shocked that a man could be married for 3 and a half years to a woman who did not cook nshima!

Laura enlisted the aid of Theresa, our pastor’s wife, and Clara, our maid, and they taught her to cook nshima.  After a couple of lessons, Laura has become a pro and can cook some great nshima.  We ate nshima after church on Sunday – since we had extra, we took a plate of food to our guard Nelson.  While Nelson was thankful we thought of him, I don’t think he was particularly impressed that Laura had learned to cook nshima – after all, what married woman does not know how to cook food?

This Zambian Woman Does NOT Want Help Stirring the Nshima because She Can Do It!!

A Delicious Meal of Nshima and Chiwawa

{Wordless Wednesday} SnoCones

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Lake Chelan, Manson, WA

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