A Hat for the Husband

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love all the people we’ve been hanging out with lately but this introvert does need some time and space to recharge. Knitting is the perfect activity for me! I have been loving the projects I’m working on (more to come!). My latest creation is a hat for my husband for those cold Africa mornings…OK, maybe not so cold most of the time but I’m sure he will get some use out of it!

Handsome hunk


It was knit using the aptly named “man hat” pattern found HERE on Ravelry. I used knit picks #8 needles and a Pacific superwash wool/acrylic yarn (I think?? Lost the label). I did start my decreases earlier than the pattern says for the correct shaping, which was my first time deviating from a pattern so much. I felt so naughty…but I’m learning how to make the pattern work for me. He loves it so I’m happy about it too!


Knits and Purls

August 2, 2011 § 5 Comments

After “the sweater” (see HERE), I determined to work on my knitting skills. I’m glad I finished it but it showed that some formal education would be good for me. The gauge wasn’t done properly (um, I didn’t know what “gauge” was) and I needed to work on shaping.

Issaquah, WA

I recently took at class at our local knitting store, “Cultured Purls” (you can visit their site HERE). Because I’m a mostly self-taught knitter (youtube and knittinghelp.com are great resources), I decided to take the beginning knitter’s course to instill a good foundation upon which to build. The ladies here are fabulous. Even though I already knew many of the basic stitches, I learned a lot from having a person’s brain to pick.  Everyone in the store is also very helpful in picking out projects, yarn, and material. Here’s one finished project:

Rasta Hat

The pattern is a rasta hat available from ravelry (available HERE). I did it in some chunky acrylic yarn leftover in my knitting bag (no idea what the color is) on #13 needles. I also bought my first pair of knit picks needles! I learned about magic loop knitting (see HERE) and bought a 40″ cable with interchangeable needles. I think my knitting life has changed for the better. 🙂

Rasta hat back view

Happy birthday to ME!

December 28, 2010 § 1 Comment


Faithful blog readers, if you’re looking for {Movie Monday} you can find it here. Otherwise, read on for a celebration of the day of my birth!

Meeting Grandpa Ray 7 hours after I was born!

25 years ago, my mom was recovering from the birth of yours truly. She had a home birth with a midwife (FraNa Ready, CNM, to be precise) which by all accounts was the most beautiful birth I’ve been a part of, to date. You can read more of her story on her blog here.


Me with my wonderful parents

Today, we celebrated with lunch at Panera, then shopping. All day long, I kept getting messages from friends and family on my phone. It was very, very sweet and I felt loved.

Gifts that are SEW great

For years, I swore off sewing, cursing it with all other crafts and arts, stating that I was not “creative.” Rigghhht…if you’ve been following my blog for anytime at all, you’ve seen that I have acknowledged and embraced my creative side. My love for knitting, photography, and all things beautiful and handmade have led me to a desire to learn to sew. SEW, for my birthday gift, I received my Mama’s old Singer sewing machine and a whole lot of sewing doo-dads. I am ecstatic! More to come on the adventure of learning to sew. 🙂



A night out with my love

This evening, Ben took me out for an evening in Bellevue at John Howie Steak House. It was probably THE best steak dinner I’ve eaten out in a long time. We got a little adventurous and had ahi tartare for an appeteizer, Wagyu (“Kobe”) beef for dinner, and dessert of bananas foster. My tummy was thrilled and so was our wallet because we had a gift card from last Christmas. Thanks, Jody!

It was a fabulous birthday and I’m blessed to have such a wonderful community of family and friends to share it with. Here’s to another wonderful 25 years!

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