The non-Grief of Special Needs Adoption

April 5, 2013 § 5 Comments


We don’t fit in. Ben and I are special needs parents by choice. It wasn’t forced upon us by birth, sickness, or congenital abnormality. We don’t fit the stereotype. From reading many stories and knowing people personally who were surprised to learn of their child’s disability, there is a process of grief and coming to terms with their child’s disability.

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Easter Weekend 2013

April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

We had a lovely Easter and 4 day holiday weekend. We went out to the mall almost every day so that Nathaniel could practice walking. Although the mall isn’t my husband’s favorite, it is the perfect place for Nathaniel to practice walking on a big flat open surface.




He even got to drive his favorite little electric “motocar” as a treat. He always says he wants the “jumping castle” then changes his mind at the last-minute when he see this beauty.



We had a lovely Easter church service at our home church where we had a Passover seder celebration and enjoyed lovely food with our dearest friends (and their guests) in Lusaka. The kids with special needs ran around and had a nice time finding Easter eggs hidden around the yard. The older typical developing kids helped them out. It was a nice pairing.


Nathaniel was so excited his chewy tube fell out of his mouth!


His friend Isaac helped his find his eggs. Mama wasn’t needed.


Joab and Andrew quickly tired of looking for eggs and took a minute to rest.


Now that Sam is 18, he was WAY too busy texting and calling on his pretend phone to busy himself with an egg hunt.Easter-Weekend10


In the busyness of the day (I cooked 25 home-made latkes and made a big green salad. Latkes are way more work than you think.) we neglected to get a picture together even though we all looked great. I’m hoping you can imagine how handsome and pretty we looked. Higgins included. We are sending our love back to our family and friends at home!


Domestic Violence: It’s literally next door…

February 28, 2013 § 7 Comments

Next Door (26:04:12)

Next Door (26:04:12) (Photo credit: Ismar Badzic)

I was getting Nathaniel ready for school when I overheard our neighbors fighting. One of the children was being beaten and I heard every punch, kick, and scream. It was horrible to witness the sounds. I yelled for them to stop but to no avail.

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