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Here’s to 4 wonderful years being married to the love of my life, my best friend, and the father of my son!! I love you, Ben! Happy 4th anniversary, my darling husband.

Wedding Day! – Seattle, WA

1 year! – Whidbey Island, WA

2 years! – Orcas Island, WA

3 Years! – San Diego, California

4 Years! – Lusaka, Zambia

{The last photo was from our last childless night together and an early anniversary celebration at (the only) fancy restaurant in Lusaka. We’re still adjusting to being new parents. Whew! Parenting a child isn’t as easy as it looks! My parents just spent a week with us cooking and cleaning for us, which was a huge help – thanks Daddy and Mama!! Also, thank you to everyone for your love, support, and understanding as we adjust to being a family of 3.}


6 Month Zambian Anniversary

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Monday marked our 6 month anniversary of living in Zambia. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months. In fact, I missed posting this on the day itself because we were busy celebrating a national holiday (youth day? Yeah, we hadn’t heard of it either). The time has gone by slow at times and fast at others. We’ve learned so much, have great friends (both mzungus and Zambians), are official members of a wonderful church family, and enjoy adventures every day.

Then... headed to Uganda (June 2006)

Believe it or not, this picture was from before I had a digital camera. It was also one month before I would lay eyes on my handsome hunk of a husband. We met my first Wednesday back at youth group after I got back from this trip to Uganda. Little did I know, we would be moving to Africa a mere five years later!

Now... leaving for Zambia (September 2011)

The life we live here is not always easy, glamorous, or fun. Most of the time, it just feels like life. We have the same ups and downs, we both go to work, cook dinner, grocery shop. We are far from family and friends at home but we both know it’s where we’re supposed to be. We love the people and place of Africa and wouldn’t trade this time here for anything. Here’s to another 6 months in Zambia!

{Wordless Wednesday} In the Air

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Flying (From Ben's Trip to Western Zambia)


London Weather

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Now, normally I wouldn’t write about the weather. That’s what you talk about with strangers and people with whom you have nothing in common. But part of my purpose of blogging is to explain our life here in Africa with our family and friends.

It’s a cold day here in Lusaka. And by cold I mean 73 degrees F. The locals call these grey and rainy days “London weather” but it’s much more reminiscent of home in Seattle than anywhere else! Because of all the homes and buildings are designed to stay cool (tiles floors, concrete walls, drafty doors), not much heat stays inside on days like these. We (and almost all of Zambia) don’t have heaters in our homes. Therefore, we bundle up in layers of clothing, fleece jackets, and slippers to keep out the cold. Hard to believe just a few short weeks ago that we were sweating bullets and enjoying life poolside!

Since we’ve entered the rainy season, it’s raining here nearly every day for about an hour a day or so. It’s a heavy, torrential downpour usually with thunder and lightning. Ben and I usually sing Toto’s Africa to each other, then it’s over and the clouds break forth revealing the sunshine.

Tour of Our Home

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Welcome to our humble abode! We have settled in and are just putting the finishing touches on things. For your viewing pleasure (well, to be honest, mostly for our families!) here is a brief tour of our home:

Our Home!

We live in a multi-unit complex and have a great neighbor next door. The other unit is just recently empty if any of you want to come join us in Zambia! The home came “fully furnished” but we did need to purchase some things like a desk, dresser, and organizational necessities.

Looking from the kitchen into the dining room

This is probably my favorite place in our home! I am loving our new kitchen. This is probably due to the fact that it’s at least double the size of both kitchens we had in previous apartments. It came with the basics but I spruced it up with some gadgets from home, including our garlic press, spice rack, and Santoku knives. My favorite cook books have a place here too.

“How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman

How to Cook Everything

“Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois

Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

“365: No Repeats” by Rachael Ray

365: No Repeats

Because the internet is more unreliable here, I’m browsing these books more than in the States. And Artisan bread…I’m in love!! The bread here in Zambia is really terrible. It’s like Wonder Bread without the wonder – it looks fine, tastes bad, and falls apart a day after you buy it. I now make bread for our family 2-3 times a week or whenever the heck we need it.

Looking from Dining Room into Living Room


I really love our photo collection. It’s a great reminder of loved ones from home and special memories of Ben and I. We have extended family, childhood photos, favorite African shots, and romantic ones of the two of us.

Living Room View 1

Couches are hard to come by in Zambia. At the furniture store, good couches run anywhere from $3000-$4000. So we are content to live on our futon like furniture which is still better than most Africans have so we are grateful! My ever-present knitting bag is here so I can pull it out on a moment’s notice or take it with me when we’re out.

Living Room View 2

If you know us well at all, you know we’re not much TV viewers. When we were packing, we needed to cut some weight from our luggage and Ben cut some DVDs. I refused to let go of my girlie movies and so when we do want to watch something, it’s usually along the lines of Anne of Green Gables or Pride and Prejudice.

As you can see, we have plenty of room for guests and visitors! We’re finishing up our guest room and looking forward to my friend Kelly’s arrival later this year. I hope you enjoyed your tour!

{Wordless Wednesday} 4 Lakes Winery Panarama

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4 Lakes Winery, Manson, WA


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To my darling husband,

Wedding Day - Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle, WA

It’s been 3 years to the day since we married. I am so happy married to you! It’s been a hard road at times filled with hurts, pain, and tears. But there has also been inexorable joy. You have carried me when I needed it most. You have spoken truth to me. You have loved me when I was most unlovable.

Celebrating 1 year - Whidbey Island, WA

You are my best friend. I am always amazed at how we can spend hours and hours with each other and never tire of one another. We have so much fun!! I love listening to your thoughts and your ability to discuss ideas and theology. I love your kind heart and watching you serve the Lord and other people. I love how handsome you are – you are a hunk of a man!

Celebrating 2 years - Orcas Island, WA

There is no one else I would want to be with as we begin our journey towards Africa and all that the future has in store. Here’s to three years and a hundred more!

3 Years!

With the deepest love of my heart,


BIF aka CMG aka BAC aka BW

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