I am a follower of Jesus, wife to Ben, and Mama to Nathaniel. I am a pediatric Registered Nurse with a passion for serving children with special needs, currently through my role as Health Care Advisor at Special Hope Network.

Ben and I met in 2006, dated in 2007, and married in 2008. Our hometown is Seattle, Washington, USA but we currently reside as American ex-pats in Lusaka, Zambia where we have lived since September 2011.

I love good books, yummy food, arts and crafts, and playing with my Nikon D40 camera.

Ben is a CPA and works as an accountant for World Vision Zambia. He is currently studying theology part-time through Fuller Seminary’s online distance learning program. He is a diligent worker, avid reader, and interesting writer. He loves a good conversation about theology and playing music on the guitar. He is also known to cook a mean Rachael Ray recipe.

Nathaniel came to our family on June 29, 2012 when he was 5 years old and we finalized his adoption on October 16, 2012. He loves “motocars,” reading “bookoos,” and playing with water. He has hydrocephalus, which was treated as an infant, and left-sided hemiparesis. He is currently in physical therapy to learn to walk. To read more about our Zambian adoption, click HERE and HERE.

Higgins is our 6 year old German Shepherd guard dog who is enjoying city life after his retirement from the Zambian bush. He loves playing with his balls and eating meat when he gets the chance. He is my therapy dog and always knows when I need a kiss or nuzzle.