Mother’s Day: Grief and Joy

May 12, 2013 § 1 Comment

Today was a happy Mother’s Day. We had brunch at home, played together outside with Nathaniel and our dog Higgins, and I dabbled in oil painting while my guys napped. We all watched a movie together while I finished some knitting. The day was wonderful, especially on the heels of a huge birthday party for Nathaniel the day before.

Mother’s Day hasn’t always been a happy holiday. I cried through the holiday the last three years.

2010: We just started “trying” to get pregnant and I was hopeful to tell our moms on Mother’s Day about “our news.” No news ever came.

2011: We were diagnosed with infertility and were not sure if, how, or when we would become parents.

2012: We had experienced multiple failed adoption attempts and I was emotionally devastated by the process.

Today, Mother’s Day 2013, I woke up in bed with my boy snuggled up next to me. He is the realization of so many hopes and dreams.

My Nathaniel, my gift from God, is such a precious reminder of God’s faithfulness and His sovereignty. I wasn’t planning to adopt a 5 year old boy with special needs but God planned it for me. And oh how good was His plan! I kept looking at Nathaniel’s face today- a sweet face that came to us almost one year ago. He forever changed me when he entered my life as my son, making me his Mama. God would still be good and faithful even if I wasn’t a mother. How difficult it is to see that on the other side though.

Mothers Day symbolizes so much for women and the nurturing role that mothers play. Let us remember those women that want children and don’t have them, those that have lost children, single mothers, foster and spiritual mothers, mothers with prodigal children, and those with mothers that have already passed out of this life.

We are grateful to women everywhere for their nurturing care and love for those around them.

And now, a short video of me and Nathaniel from a few weeks ago (something we could never do in America!).


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  • Helen Powell says:

    Eish! With tears in my eyes, that is just beautiful. Love the video! He is sooooooo cute! Congratulations!

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