The Toothfairy is coming to visit!

April 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ben and I were talking on the way home from work today (we are lucky enough to get to carpool home together) and I was totally stressing about my to-do list. There is a ton of things to get done both personally and professionally and not enough hours to do it in (and yes, I completely forgot it was Monday). We pulled into our driveway and were greeted by our sweet boy riding his plastic motorcycle. Our sweet boy who was missing a tooth. Wait- he’s missing a tooth?!? My baby is growing up!!

Cue mom-guilt for being at work when the momentous occasion occurred.

I subsequently burst into tears. Then Ben reminded me that I already felt stressed and emotional before we got home. Oh yeah. I pulled myself together and went inside to ask the nanny about how it happened. She was as surprised as I was because Nathaniel hasn’t told her.

When questioned about his lost tooth, Nathaniel simply explained that it came out and he put it in the trash. Of course. Because that is what you do with things that come out of your body. You dispose of them properly.

He’s not developmentally ready for the abstract concept of money so “The Tooth Fairy” is bringing him a “ma sweetie” underneath his pillow tonight. Maybe the sugar will help him lose his other teeth faster so I won’t miss the next one??



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