{This is Zambia: Post by the Husband} Wonderful Waterfalls

March 25, 2013 § 1 Comment

Zambia is famous for Victoria Falls, and rightly so.  However, there are some other equally impressive waterfalls in this country.  I traveled north to Luapula Province, about 1,100 km from Lusaka, for work this past week.  Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to visit two of Zambia’s most spectacular waterfalls: Lumangwe and Kabwelume.  It is the middle of the rainy season, thus the falls were full and powerful.   However, this meant that the roads were fairly bad, so our journey from Kawambwa to the site took about 1 and a half hours.  We were greeted at the site by Joseph, the park warden, who eagerly offered to show us around.  We started with Lumangwe.

Lumangwe is 100 meters across and 30 meters high, and is most often compared to Victoria Falls.  What made this waterfall so impressive is the fact that one is able to walk to the bottom and stand on a dock in the pool about 15 meters from the curtain.  It was awe-inspiring to see sheets of water pounding into the pound so close to me.  A fine mist filled the air, and waves reminiscent of the ocean swirled around.  Check out this video which I took from the dock in the pool:

After admiring Lumangwe, we headed to the 2nd of the falls: Kabwelume.  We took a poor road for 5km and arrived at the site.  The 300m path to the falls was in good repair, with two new bridges that were good-looking and provided secure footing over small streams.  There was one 10m section which was flooded, but not to fear: Joseph had me hop on for a piggy back ride, and we made it across just fine.  We finally reached the falls, a spectacle well-worth my long trip.  The falls are 75 meters across and 40 meters high, and they fall over a series of 5-6 curtains and levels.  Some say that this is the most beautiful falls in Zambia, and I would not dispute the claim.  You can judge for yourself:

After viewing the falls, we started back to Kawambwa.  By this time, it was getting late, and the rains started to fall heavily.  At times, I could hardly see the road in front of the vehicle as a wall of water poured down around us; even with a slow speed, we were sliding all over the sloppy road.  And every few minutes, the entire sky would illuminate with lightening.  With the waterfalls, rain, and lightening, I felt as if I was living in Psalm 42:7:

“Deep calls to deep
in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers
have swept over me.”

Thankfully, we made it through the storm and back to the tarmac, at which point my driver said, “We are safe!”


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