Painting Class: Rest for the Mind and Conversation for the Soul

March 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Thanks, everyone, for the great conversation about raising money for development yesterday. I loved hearing your unique perspectives and enjoyed the dialogue about the topic. Check it out HERE if you missed it.

Since dealing with my health challenges from last year, I decided to pick up a new hobby of painting. In the midst of dealing with some intense emotions and physical pain, I needed an outlet to focus on and dedicate my time. Coincidentally enough, I found a free painting group at a local cafe and have grown to love my weekly time of painting with these women (there are men in the group also but we tend to segregate).


My first attempt at faces…don’t laugh!

We started off with drawing to learn the basics of contrasts and how to observe correctly. Finally, we moved on to painting last month. I started with acrylics but want to eventually try my hand at oils.


Still life in acrylic

As much as I love my “usual” group of friends and church members, it feels refreshing to meet some new people. I’ve made some great new friends that I may not have sat down with otherwise. I am the youngest in the group at 27 and the age range goes up to 65+. We have lovely conversations and I love hearing their perspectives on life and updates about their families.


My art buds

My art friends vary in nationalities from Zimbabwean, South African, American, Italian, and Zambian. Even though now my health is a bit better, It’s a great way for me to stop thinking about my volunteer work and the general busyness of life. Each Wednesday morning, I get a chance to sit down with my friends, have a cup of tea, and create something that I think is beautiful.

If you are an artist in Lusaka, be sure to check out the Art Shop to get reasonably priced and quality art supplies for kids and adults.

What activities or hobbies do you do to rest and relax?


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