Home from surgery!

February 14, 2013 § 1 Comment


Nathaniel is all done with his surgery! He came through it just fine and we are very thankful. Dr. L at Beit Cure hospital performed a gastroc recession to lengthen his tendon and prepare him for walking. The doctor said he wants to see his cast beat up when he comes back because he’s been active so much.

The medical care at the hospital was great. I was very impressed with the anesthetist and how he explained the procedure to me (without knowing I was a nurse!). He was great at managing Nathaniel’s pain too! He didn’t cry after surgery at all.

The nurses were good although they wouldn’t let Nathaniel eat after surgery even though he had bowel tones and was hungry (I checked, even though they didn’t). I told the nurse he should come sit with my cranky child if he wouldn’t let him eat anything. He relented and said water was OK. When he held that down ok, I took the liberty of advancing his diet and ended up sneaking him half a plate of nshima and chicken. Naughty Mama!

I also convinced the surgeon to discharge us today instead of tomorrow. We are glad to be back at home with Nurse Mama on duty. I do like having control, what can I say??

Nathaniel was a little celebrity at the hospital as many people remembered him from when he was small. We even got to meet his neurosurgeon and thank him for saving Nathaniel’s life.

Tonight, we are tired but very, very thankful for our sweet boy.


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