Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

September 11th, 2001:

I remember that I was a sophomore in high school. I had just attended my first day of classes at our home school co-op the day before (IMPACT). My family was in the habit of going to bed late and waking up late because of my Dad’s work schedule. As a pilot, he usually flew in the afternoons and would get home in the late evenings so we kids would stay up late to spend time with our dad.

I remember that in the morning, my mom came in early (730am – OK, not early to others, or me now, but at the time it was early) to come wake me up. She told me that there had been an accident at some big buildings in New York and that I should come watch the TV.

I remember watching the replay and seeing the second plane go into the tower over, and over, and over again. I was so sad watching the replays of the towers collapsing. At that age, I couldn’t comprehend such a tragedy. I don’t think anyone ever can.

I remember the phone kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing. We had so many concerned friends, family, and neighbors that wanted to make sure that it wasn’t my dad’s plane. He was at home. As a teenager, I thought it was a little silly that they would call because he didn’t fly for United or American Airlines. Now, I am so thankful for the concern of our loved ones. I am also grateful to God that it wasn’t his plane.

I remember how air travel was completely suspended after the attacks. And how security at the airport changed.

I remember how nervous I felt when my dad finally went back to work flying planes.

I remember attending my high school world history class the following Monday with Sue (Anderson) Roberts and having her explain current events and how we should be journaling about our experiences so that in time we can have an accurate historical perspective. We studied past American wars and how they related to the war on terror. I am so thankful for the time she spent instilling in us a deep appreciate of history so that we can understand the present and hopefully avoid the mistakes of the past.

We remember that there is so much loss and the death of many loved ones from the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath. We are mourning with you today.

We remember that my father-in-law had a meeting scheduled in one of the WTC towers in the afternoon of September 11. We are grateful for his life and that he was providentially spared.

Never forget.



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