2 Month Family Anniversary

August 25, 2012 § 2 Comments



Yesterday marked 2 months of being a family of 3! Here is a brief update of where we are at as a family:

From what we can tell, A is bonding very well to both Ben and I. He makes good eye contact, comes to us when he is sick or hurt, and tells us when he needs affection. I’ve done a little bit of research on attachment and from A’s life story and experiences, it wouldn’t be unusual for him to experience some problems with attachment. However, because of his disability, he is more dependent on us for things, including to be carried or lifted often. Often times when we go out for long periods of time (like our local market), I will carry him on my back in the Ergo or a chitenge. I think his dependence has helped to create a bond more quickly. We may still experience some difficulty but we are thankful for the attachment we’ve had so far.

He is doing physical therapy 3 times a week (with home visits – so convenient!) and we are doing stretches twice a day. A is showing incredible determination and tenacity in the stretches and exercises. It is amazing to see him steel himself for the 10 second long stretches, even when it hurts him a little bit. Both Ben and I gained a new level of respect for our son’s willingness to deal with the pain in pursuit of eventually walking. He loves to practice “walking” by holding onto our hands and jumping on his strong leg! We admire A very much – he doesn’t have an easy road ahead, but we can see that he is determined.

Going to sleep is no longer a problem! Lately when he is feeling tired, he will stop what he’s doing (even eating lunch or dinner) and ask to go to bed. This is a huge improvement from when he screamed going to sleep after he first came home.

He is now doing “school” (tutoring/therapy) with his nanny. They are working on learning letters, counting, colors, and OT/PT activities. He loves her and they have so much fun together! It’s great having another person reinforcing what we’re trying to teach him.

We love to hear him repeat the things we say – hearing his little Zambian accent is so cute!  Some of the things he says are: “it’s aright, it’s alight” (U2’s Mysterious Ways), “I am a seed” (David Crowder Band song), “come and git it” when eating dinner, and “see you soon, you cute baboon!”

I keep imagining him as a big teenage boy and I know that he will be that way in the blink of an eye! It makes me cherish every morning he wakes me up so that he can cuddle with me in bed, every time he wants to cook with me in the kitchen, every time we sing our silly songs together, and every time he gives his Mama and Daddy a big kiss!



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