Favorite moments with our boy

August 17, 2012 § 6 Comments

Today we passed the  7 week mark of being together as a family of 3! It is amazing to look back and see the many changes in him already.  Ben and I wrote these together so that we can treasure these fleeting moments:

  • Bedtime is now an enjoyable experience (he screamed every night when he first came home). Usually, Daddy will brush teeth with A, and then they will read a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  Then, A turns on the fan, turns off the light, and tucks in Mr Bear.  A now gets into bed himself and asks to be tucked in, and there is almost no whining.  Praise the LORD! 🙂   Daddy’s favorite time with A is baffa time and putting him to bed.  This is a consistent bonding time which is wonderful to enjoy.
  • First “inibus” ride – Mama and A met Daddy in town to run an errand, so Mama and A rode the “inibus” to town.  A had a great time sitting on Mama’s lap, and made sure to point out every truck or minibus that they passed on the way.  An hour after the ride, he was still telling me, “Daddy, Mama and A tienda inibus!” (Mama and A went on the minibus)
  • Last week, A said to Mama, “Mama, ufuna kissie!” (Mama you need a kiss!”)
  • A will say “siwee” because he cannot pronounce silly
  • A is very stubborn when he doesn’t want to eat something.  But once he makes the decision and after finding the proper motivation (i.e. bath or sweetie), he will eat the necessary number of bites, usually 5-10.  In fact, he always eats the amount we ask him to. And wants praise when he finishes! “Go, A! Go, A!”
  • Mama was sitting with A in the bathroom and Daddy snuck in and, well, had some gas.  Daddy thought that A would think it was Mama because Daddy was not spotted when he came in, however A said, “Daddy anuka!” (Daddy made a stinky).  Ben said it was nice to know that his boy understands him. Oh boys. 🙂
  • Mama loves when A wakes up early and asks to crawl into bed with her. He comes to my side of the bed and gives me a gentle tap to let me know he wants into bed. I pull him up and he snuggles right in. The sweetest thing. Ever.
  • A is still learning to use words to ask for things (Ukamba! Umvela? – You speak – you hear me?).  One thing he sometimes does is lightly brush us on the shoulder and point to what he wants.  So now, we will brush him back on the shoulder and point to something else.  This often develops into a five-minute game of brushing and pointing.
  • When A is grumpy, sometimes we will flip him upside down and “talk to his buns”, the less stinky end.  He thinks this is funny and it is usually effective for curing his bad mood.  We tell A that he doesn’t need to be happy, but he does need to be nice.
  • Every day, Mama and Daddy tell A, “Out of all the boys in the whole world, Mama and Daddy said, I want A!”  He is now learning to repeat it and usually ends up finishing the sentence by saying “I want A!”.  We also say this in Nyanja, (nifuna A).  Further, we tell him that we love him “so much” – A usually ends up finishing the so much part of the sentence too.

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