{Post by the Husband} A New Definition of Cold

June 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

While friends and family back home in Seattle are enjoying the 3 months of sunshine that Seattle receives each year (at least in theory. Juneuary anyone?), Laura and I are in the midst of winter here in Zambia. According to the typical Seattle person, winter brings images of 40 degrees (F), grey skies, and rain. In Zambia, winter means night-time temperatures which dip to as low as perhaps 40-45 degrees (F) and daytime temperatures around 65 degrees (F) and usually sunny. To a Seattle person, this no doubt sounds like heaven – 65 degrees and sun?!? That would be a great Seattle summer day.

The funny thing about living someplace new – Laura and I no longer think 65 degrees and sun is warm. In fact, you will likely find us wearing a sweater and even a winter coat these days (see above picture). Sometimes, we dress with more layers than the locals. I expect our Seattle friends are incredulous, but what can we say?

To be fair, houses here do not have insulation, so it can be chilly inside. But the reality is, we are no longer warm with 65 degree (F) weather. It will stay chilly until about August. September will bring temperatures of above 90 degrees (F), and at this point I say none too soon. Bring on the heat!

{Wife Note} You can tell we’ve been married for almost 4 years because we are dressed nearly identically!


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§ 2 Responses to {Post by the Husband} A New Definition of Cold

  • Holly martin says:

    Ur guys r so funny!! Luv the matching outfits. 65, it’s that warm here now n Seattle is wearing shorts n Tshirts.
    Wen we lived in Malaysia we got acclimated to 90, and then 70 seemed cold. It only took one Seattle winter to snap us out if it.
    Luv & miss u 2 very much! Xoxo

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