Welcome Brett, Off to Livingstone

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

“An adventure is an inconvenience rightly understood.  An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly understood.”  – GK Chesterton

We were very excited to welcome Laura’s brother Brett to Zambia on Friday afternoon!  He hit the ground running and joined us for an orphanage visit on Saturday morning and church on Sunday.  Then, Laura and Brett embarked on an authentic Zambian adventure this morning when I dropped them at the bus station at 6 hours to catch the bus to Livingstone.  They are on their way as I type, but unfortunately the bus broke a wheel bearing in Choma (about 4 hours south of Lusaka).  Thus, they are waiting for another bus to pick them and take them the rest of the way to Livingstone (about another 2 hours).  This is not an inconvenience, rather its an adventure! 🙂

I ended up staying in Lusaka to work, but I am very happy that Laura and Brett get to share an amazing sibling adventure in Zambia.  I remember a brother trip I took with David a few years back (backpacking in Italy and Greece), and it was one of our best experiences together.

More to come when Brett and Laura return from Livingstone…


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