Update on Laura’s Trip to Malawi

February 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hello readers,

Laura had quite an adventure getting to Malawi, but she made it safely.  Her trip started a bit slowly as she arrived at the Lusaka bus station at 9:30am.  The bus did not leave until 5:30pm – 8 hours later! – as they waited until the bus was full before leaving the station.  Then, she had another 8 or so hours on the bus and arrived in Chipata at 2am, where our friend Elizabeth met her with a taxi, dinner, and hotel reservation (side note: the Zambians on the bus were impressed when Laura got off to use the “bathroom” just like a Zambian – they laughed and said “she is used”.)  They left for Malawi the next morning and after another long day of travel, arrived in Elizabeth’s village about an hour and a half north of Lilongwe.  All I have to say about that is – my wife is a trooper!  I’m not sure if I would have the determination to go through a trip like that.

Laura is loving village life – I think if she had her way, we would be living in a village rather than Lusaka (I think I would like it as well).  Today, she went to church with Elizabeth – the Malawians asked her to share so she preached out of 1 Peter, a book which deals extensively with suffering while still hoping in Jesus, a very relevant topic as Malawi is going through an incredibly difficult economic situation currently.  Tomorrow and the rest of this week, she will be contributing her nursing skills at local clinics.

I’m hanging in there as a bachelor – I cooked twice this weekend (chili and chicken stir-fry) and spent some time with friends.  We are eagerly looking forward to my mom and Madison (my sister) visiting us starting Monday, February 13th!


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