Reflections and “Resolutions”

January 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

I know it’s a little late but the reason I took some time away from this blog was to reflect and think a bit about my goals for the New Year. Ben and I had some mutual goals that we made for our family but I had some personal goals as well (I prefer the term goals to resolutions because it sounds more sophisticated and more flexible if said “resolutions” aren’t met).

A few of them are:

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  • Wake up early each day

For me, this has always been a struggle. I grew up in a family where my dad worked afternoons and evenings and so I usually went to bed at 10 or 11pm (sometimes even later).  It was awesome because I got to see my dad but it meant that we followed a later schedule in our day (we usually woke up at 9 or 10…or later). Also, I spent the last two years working night shift.  This further disrupted my circadian rhythm and I found it difficult to bounce back between waking up at a “normal” time and staying up all night. Also, because of night shift, I developed the ability to sleep without end (12 hours, plus). Thus, I have determined that 2012 will mean more discipline for me going to bed at a decent hour (goal of 930pm or so) and waking up some time before 8am (goal of 6:30 or 7am).  So far, so good on this one! I’ve been feeling better physically and more productive in my day.

Meal Planning

  • Meal planning

I started doing this late last year but have resolved to continue this coming year. Sometime during the weekend, I plan out the next week’s meals and then shop for groceries and buy everything that I will need for the coming week. I started doing this for a few reasons – we were throwing out food that went bad or we became tired of and we had to make extra stops to the store for items for dinner that night (I tried asking Ben to stop for me on the way home but found out it’s one of his pet peeves – oops). Now, obviously waste isn’t acceptable whichever country you’re living in but it definitely confronts us more head on now that we’re living in a developing nation. We often have people asking us for money or food. Whether or not this is truly a need, I’m not sure but Ben and I have both determined that we want to be frugal with our living in order to be generous with others. A really simple way to do this is with our groceries. It takes discipline but we’ve significantly cut our budget down with simple planning of meals. More on this to come!

How to Study Your Bible

  • Studying my Bible

So often, we hear as Christians that we should study our Bible but no one really knows how to do it, or even start learning for that matter. There are many great resources out there (including Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods) but my new favorite is Kay Arthur’s “How to Study your Bible.” It’s the inductive Bible study method and it is simply you and your Bible and learning how to understand what the text means from the historical context as well as the text itself. I studied 1 Peter with the guidance of a friend and mentor last year and was so excited to have the Bible open up to me in that way that I wanted to keep going! I’ve made it a goal to one Old Testament book and 3 New Testament books this year. I’ve started with Genesis and am excited for the journey!


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  • dee welch says:

    It is commendable you are learning to study the Word for yourself. Kay Arthur’s method is excellent because it teaches you to read with a purpose. You will later know and remember what you have learned. Once you find out what God’s Word teaches, you will will never again want to suggest to anyone Rick Warren’s methods of anything. His doctrine is flawed at best, heretical at worse. BUT, you will figure that out for yourself once get into the truth of His Word. It is wonderful you are making it a priority and it will be the most rewarding discipline of your life. May the Lord bless and keep you in His Word for it is truth.

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