London Weather

November 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Now, normally I wouldn’t write about the weather. That’s what you talk about with strangers and people with whom you have nothing in common. But part of my purpose of blogging is to explain our life here in Africa with our family and friends.

It’s a cold day here in Lusaka. And by cold I mean 73 degrees F. The locals call these grey and rainy days “London weather” but it’s much more reminiscent of home in Seattle than anywhere else! Because of all the homes and buildings are designed to stay cool (tiles floors, concrete walls, drafty doors), not much heat stays inside on days like these. We (and almost all of Zambia) don’t have heaters in our homes. Therefore, we bundle up in layers of clothing, fleece jackets, and slippers to keep out the cold. Hard to believe just a few short weeks ago that we were sweating bullets and enjoying life poolside!

Since we’ve entered the rainy season, it’s raining here nearly every day for about an hour a day or so. It’s a heavy, torrential downpour usually with thunder and lightning. Ben and I usually sing Toto’s Africa to each other, then it’s over and the clouds break forth revealing the sunshine.


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