In Our Garden

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

First (and only) Row

3 Little Plants

Compost pile

Little sprouts

Ben and I are having fun with our garden. Because our thumbs are pink and not green, we have only started with 3 little herb starters of basil and parsley as well as seedlings of lettuce, more basil, and more parsley. Ben and I are basil fanatics and would eat it with almost every meal – pasta, pesto, caprese salad. Speaking of caprese salad, we are both ashamed that we didn’t eat caprese salad ONCE during the nearly 3 weeks we were Italy for our honeymoon. Granted, at the time neither one of us was fond of tomatoes but still…

Tomatoes are a staple in the Zambian diet and can be found inexpensively year round on the side of the road. We now love tomatoes. How could you not when they’re local, flavorful, and cheap?

Because we are in Africa, we soak all our veggies and fruit in a bleach bath. This concoction of mostly water and a few ounces bleach rids the plants of strange pathogens we don’t want to be sick with. It’s a new habit for us but one that works quite well to prevent illness.

We’re also composting food and yard waste. The soil is so dry here (like clay, really) that it’s needed to add nitrogen and other nutrients back into the soil.

Grow little garden, grow!


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