Happy Hallowreformation Day!…And Our Weekend Happenings

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Halloween and/or Reformation Day! Halloween is not widely celebrated here in Zambia. You’re much more likely to hear about “those crazy Americans” dressing up as celebrities and cartoon characters. If Zambians do celebrate, it’s likely to be on the spookier side. Here’s some of our weekend happenings:

At the Market

We spent a relaxing afternoon together at the monthly Saturday Dutch Reformed Church market. Vendors sell their wares and patrons come for food, friends, and shopping too.

"The Cupcake Queens" selling their baked goods

Our friends selling their cookies and brownies…their sweets are like none other in Lusaka. Delicious!! Why “Cupcake Queens” you ask? Long story. Right, Sarah?? šŸ˜‰

Jon and Joab enjoying some fun

Jon is visiting our friends at Special Hope Network and enjoying a laugh with Joab, our friend Beth‘s son.

Garden beginnings

We also are trying our hand at gardening. We bought these little starters of basil and parsley. My husband happens to think farming is romantic and is very excited about the prospect of growing our own food (even if that just means herbs to season our food!). I used to say that yard work was my least favorite chore but I am growing fond of our little patch in the ground. We will see how green our thumbs really are!

Pool side

It’s been hot, hot, HOT! In the 90s Fahrenheit each day, sometimes hitting the dreaded 100 mark. We’ve been taking advantage of our community swimming pool and enjoying a dip on these sweltering days. The rainy season is forecasted to begin later this week and we’re all anxious for the rain to come. Being from Seattle, people always said that you could never have enough sun but those people have never lived in Sub-Saharan Africa!


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