Laura, come home quick! There are huge spiders and I’m eating leftovers…

October 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hello readers – Laura is in Northern Zambia this week (near the town of Mpika, where the new Zambian President Sata hails is from) doing a medical mission – thus, I am guest blogging for her tonight.  You’ll be pleased to know that Laura and the team are doing very well – they had a safe flight to Mpika, and they are keeping a busy schedule at the hospital and helping many women.  Laura will undoubtedly share more details when she gets back.

Since Laura is away, I am back to being a bachelor for 10 days.  We are very busy at work because it is our year-end close (September 30th is our fiscal year end).  I enjoy my co-workers very much – we have a lot of fun together and they are very pleasant to be around.  I appreciate the willingness of the WV Zambian team to listen to one another and to be flexible when things need to get done or change.

WV Zambia had our annual Day of Prayer on Monday – it was a great event with some interesting moments that formed a comedy of errors of sorts.  I participated on the worship team playing an acoustic guitar – the guitar I was using had a broken input jack so I had to detune the lower three strings, stick my hand in the mouth of the guitar, and push the jack back in place.  Then, there was no strap, so I had to put a chair in front of me and kick one leg up while I played (you know you’ve been in Africa for a while when these things feel completely normal).  Then during lunch, the mother of all rain storms started dumping on us while we were eating in a tent outside.  The tent (with a few hundred folks underneath it) started to shake and appeared as if it might collapse, so people began running for the main building even though it was raining very hard.  Some people (read: me and another mzungu) even took off the table clothes and wrapped ourselves in them so as to not get wet.  Halfway back to the building, we encountered huge streams of water, so I actually took off my shoes and socks for the rest of the trip to the building.  I thought I knew about rain since I’m from Seattle, but I’m definitely experiencing some new aspects out here.  But what I’ll remember the most is the fervency with which the WV Zambia staff prayed – for the children we serve, for each other, for new Zambian government officials, etc.  I definitely will be learning a lot from them!

We hope to get our car very soon – we ended up finding 2 missionaries who are leaving and selling their ’95 LandCruiser.  It should be a great vehicle for when we are here!  Plenty of seats to carry around our visitors (hint hint!).

Alright, its about 9pm – pretty late for a bachelor – so I’m headed to bed.  Perhaps you’ll get one more guest post out of me before Laura returns…


§ One Response to Laura, come home quick! There are huge spiders and I’m eating leftovers…

  • Holly martin says:

    Enjoyed the guest post with the Laura update. Rain like u speak of sounds incredible! N u should keep the spider in a cage n name him, to be ur bachelor company!

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