(Slightly) Homesick

September 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

I knew that it would be pop up sooner or later but homesickness has made its appearance. Today was the first day that I actually wanted to go home. It was only a fleeting thought and as soon as I thought it, I rationalized myself out of it but still the desire was there. My answer? After crying (briefly) in my husband’s arms, I cooked! I made my cheesy penne and baked my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies. It was comfort food at it’s best. Miraculously, I did feel better afterward. It’s funny how food can do that to you.


P.S. Dad and Mom? I might be calling you soon 🙂


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§ 2 Responses to (Slightly) Homesick

  • Holly martin says:

    U 2 left 9 days ago, n the initial shock excitement has leveled slightly n now u c that ur many miles from ur home town. The beauty of knowing that Jesus loves u is that he’s never any farther from us regardless of how many plane rides we take. Another beauty, getting to be married to ur best friend who will be there for tears n laughs, hugs n sorrow. Ur hubby is wonderful for/with/to u! Thank u Jesus for a great husband for my dear sweet friend!
    Luv u

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