African Time

September 16, 2011 § 6 Comments

We have been in Lusaka for a few days now and are slowly but surely adjusting to the 9 hour time difference from Seattle. This does mean that occasionally we wake up from 2-3am and go back to sleep or are just plain wide awake at 4am. We also are in limbo land as far as major life-in-Zambia decisions of a house to rent and car to purchase. We have looked at a number of houses to rent and have put in a few offers but nothing has materialized as of yet. We moved out of the hotel and have been staying with our dear friends the Showell’s. We are also looking for the right car. This will be our first “big purchase” as a married couple and I have to say it is a little intimidating. Things move quite slowly here in Africa, which we knew already but it’s still an adjustment. You can usually only plan on doing one or two tasks in a day. And if somebody gives you a time frame for something, you usually double it. “Oh if you want to move in to the house it will be ready in a week.” Read 2 weeks. “I’ll be over at 5pm.” Read 7pm. It’s Africa time and we just need to relax and get over it. God led us this far and I’m sure He won’t let us down now. It’s just hard for 2 type-A people to relax and not try to push* our agendas through (*it’s a brick wall anyway and so we wouldn’t get very far anyway).


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§ 6 Responses to African Time

  • I bet Africa time would be easier to adjust to if you were Southern and NOT from Seattle:) Love you!

  • Holly martin says:

    Maybe deep down inside somewhere I’m from Africa instead of Seattle. Well hopefully many years of my untimeliness has inadvertently prepared u for Africa!
    Late or early, it all still happens is Gods timing. N besides, patience is something u might need to really learn before ur next step in life. Y not start learning now.
    Maybe it’s not just “wife buffer time” possible it’s “people buffer time”….
    Luv u 3

  • Erin Purcell says:

    As far as time frames and one hour actually meaning 2 hours, etc, I totally understand what you’re going through, because I had the same experience in Latin America. We all know it’s a “cultural thing”, but it’s still frustrating, and what I want to understand most is how people think. In what situations do we triple the time quoted instead of doubling it?

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