Happy birthday, Mama!!

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

My dear mother is turning 29 (again)!! I’m so thankful she was born.

Me and my Mama

Here are 29 things I like about my Mama:

1) She’s fun

2) She’s pretty

3) She cooks a mean chocolate chip cookie

Notice the ever-present cookies in the right corner -->

4) She would never call it a “mean” cookie because she’s too nice!

5) She is the best shopping buddy

6) She’s a good secret keeper

7) I can usually tell when she’s trying to hide a secret (or at least I tease her that she is). But she never tells.

8 ) She has a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas

9) She is a great person to watch movies with

10) She loves to be with people

11) She’s spontaneous

12) She’s a great listener

13) She overcomes her fears

14) Did I ever mention our family went skydiving together a few years ago?!?

In the plane

Sky diving!

15) She cooks good food!

16) She loves people for who they are

17) She serves people to show them love and care

18) She’s a great doula

19) She’s always learning something new

20) She’s a great quilter

21) She’s a great teacher

22) She knows how to copilot my dad’s plane


23) She enjoys listening to music with me

24) She will just be with me and not talk

25) She knows when something is wrong

26) She’s the best nurse when I’m not feeling well

27) She loves me

28) She loves my dad

Dad and Mama

29) She loves Jesus

I love you, Mama!!!

Happy birthday!!


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