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Here is my first blog post in 2 months – thank you for your understanding, dear readers. The emotion of the last few months was quite overwhelming. We have been dealing with a number of personal issues as well as traveling quite a bit.  I needed time and space to process. Some of which I may choose to share here, some of which I may not.

May was mostly spent in Zambia as we prepare for our move there in the next few months…and, no, we don’t have a date yet. We will leave when we get on the plane. Seems African governments and large NGOs are quite slow about the process of secondments and work permits. We will be headed to the Dark Continent soon enough. Until then, we are enjoying our time in sunny Seattle summertime weather with family and friends.

We arrived home from Africa the first week of June, I had surgery (I’ll explain more later), we moved out of our apartment, and came back to our “regular life” in the States. I am currently on a leave of absence from my hospital nursing position but have found myself busy in our preparations for moving overseas. Recently at the checkout of a drug store, the clerk complimented my outfit asking for what purpose I was dressed up. I replied, “I’m a housewife…well, I used to be a nurse, too.”

Here are some photos from our May trip to Zambia:

Ben and I at the monthly Dutch market

Eating Nsheema with the ladies at Chikumbuso

Chikumbuso is a great nonprofit in the Lusaka area that benefits widows and orphans affected by AIDS. Check out my friend Sarah’s blog for more information.

A local neighborhood in Lusaka

A local shopping center...remarkably similar to an US mall

We also returned from sunny San Diego where we witnessed Ben’s cousin marry his beautiful fiancée. It was a lovely time with Ben’s family and a happy reunion for all.

Brian and Annie at the gorgeous reception venue (photo courtesy of Christine Cervenka)

The Fourth of July was quiet this year. As it is my husband’s favorite holiday, he got to choose what we did for the day. His choice? Croquet with his grandparents on the lake and a ten-mile bike ride!

Ben and I with Grandma Burrita

Grandma's Victory Dance!

The glorious bike ride!


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