March 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have been noticing the friends that I have in my life.  I have noticed that they are older, younger, blonder, darker, smarter, sweeter, gentler, and/or kinder than I am.  The things we have in common? We really, REALLY love and care for one another.  I have gotten breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee with many of them in the month or so and I have walked away truly amazed at the quality of people who I call friends.


I have friends who I can share my innermost secrets, desires, and sins.  I have friends who I can call in the middle of the night because I’m crying and upset about this or that. I have friends who will inconvenience themselves to do a favor for me.  I have friends who will listen to my heart and pray for me.  I have friends who aren’t afraid to tell me the truth.  I have friends who can help me understand God more.  I have friends that will just sit and be with me.  I have friends that will laugh and cry with me – sometimes all at the same time.


I also have friends that I have lost.  I have friends that don’t talk to me anymore, who I’ve lost touch with, who aren’t willing to reconcile our friendship.  And these still sadden me, even though some of these situations are more than 15 years ago.  Growing up, I was hurt a number of times by friends and there were moments of teenage despair where I felt like I would NEVER have friends. And yet, here I am with an incredible group of girlfriends.  The current friendships don’t replace those that are lost.  But I hope that those people know that they touched my life and that I’ve never forgotten them.  And maybe there is still hope that someday things can be reconciled in the future.


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  • Deborah says:

    Wow, honey. This brought tears to my eyes. You are a wonderfully expressive writer, and so open. I love that about you! ❤

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