November 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

So I spent Monday gazing out my corner office (aka my patient’s room) at the coming snow storm. I slowly watched the layer of white descend and kept thinking, “Gee, I’m so glad I have my emergency bag in my car!” Well, actually, it’s my doula bag but it still had all of the essential items I needed (including pjs, toiletries, and an extra pair of clothes).

Midday, my boss came in and emphatically declared that anyone needing one would be given a hotel and dinner, courtesy of the hospital (you don’t hear that, often!). After I got done with my shift, I headed down to the parking lot to get my car and immediately decided I was heading to the hotel. I’m not afraid of driving in the snow – amazingly, I got a fair amount of practice with my dad growing up and my trust front-wheel drive Ford Focus does rather well in the snow. It was when I heard about the horrendous traffic that I decided against driving home. When I found out it took my brother over 5 hours to drive home to east Kent from Bellevue, I knew I had made the right decision. I barely even got dinner – when I walked to the restaurant across the street, they almost refused me service because they were closing up early.


I spent my evening eating dinner in a king bed and watching tv on 50 inch plasma TV. Not a bad life…just missed my man! I finally made it home after work yesterday and nearly cried when I came home. I was so relieved to be here.


My emergency bag was sufficient but I’m bolstering it with a few more items for my next just-in-case event. This the earliest snow in Seattle in my lifetime as the last big November snow storm was 1985. Here’s to a great Seattle winter!




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