November 7, 2010 § 3 Comments

So dear blog readers, it’s time to inform you of some of what working night shift has done to my sleep cycles.  Here is what my sleep has looked like for the past week:


went to sleep at 10am after working all night

– woke up at 5:15pm and headed to work


– went to sleep at 8:30am after working all night

– woke up at 4:00pm for a prenatal meeting with a doula client, went to bed at 10:30pm with Ambien


– woke up at 9:30am

– went to sleep at 2:00am (I was very frustrated that I was unable to get to sleep…boo! :()


woke up at 12:30pm, said to “hi” to my bro who occasionally crashes at my place in between classes at college, we watched a show together and I fell asleep for about 2 hours.

– went to bed at 11:30pm after reading for an hour


– woke up at 2:00pm (!) but couldn’t fall asleep that “night” until 5:30am. I kept myself occupied with baking and cleaning. Ironically, these are also two favorite late-night past times of my dear mother (speaking of, check out her blog at At least I come by them honestly! Recipes and photos to follow…chocolate chip banana muffins and home-made bread. Delish!


woke up at 2:45pm and hung out with Ben before heading to work. Will likely go to bed around 9:00am tomorrow (Sunday) morning

As you can see, I do my fair share of sleeping although a lot of it is not in the PM hours. This is, of course, during my night shift rotation. Every 2 months, I switch to days which you would think would mess my circadian rhythms up even more. Not so, my friend. This has become a wonderful reprieve and I actually find that those two months reset my body clock so that I can do another 2 months of night shift.

Coping Mechanisms:

– Coffee! Black with a little bit (ok, LOTS) of cream…although I have rules about this. No caffeine after midnight (if I’m on a night shift) and none after 12pm if I’m awake during the day. Unless I’m really desperate – then the rules bend.

– Sleeping with ear plugs and a face mask during the day when I’m in a work stretch

– Flexibility…seeing the day as a 24 hour period rather than day and night (therefore, being OK with myself dusting my bookshelves, reorganizing my knitting drawers, or baking cupcakes at 2am)

– Silencing my phone…or just not picking up if I’m sleeping. This is a “duh” item but sometimes I don’t do this.

– Allowing myself to sleep 12-15 hours if my body needs it. In my family growing up, we always called this paying back a sleep deficit

So now you all can sympathize with your night shift working friends. Here’s to many nights of happy sleeping!


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  • mama says:

    What a glimpse into your daily/nightly life, my darling! You are an amazing and creative woman of God. I love your acceptance of the 24 hours, by the way. Wise. I’m so proud that you’re my girl….and love it best that we’re friends, too! ❤

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