Learning to see inside the womb

October 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

We’re not pregnant…but I am getting trained to perform limited obstetrical ultrasound for a local pregnancy resource center, also known as a crisis pregnancy center.

First of all, let me say that I want to be very sensitive in the way that I convey the following. I believe that women do have the “right to choose” and I am not trying to impose my personal beliefs on women. Instead, my desire is to help educate and inform them of their options. Most importantly, I want the women to know of the life and salvation they can have through Jesus Christ and the Gospel (or good news) of His death, burial, and resurrection.


A pregnant woman in crisis has three options: abortion, carrying and making an adoption plan, or carrying and parenting. There is no easy choice and each one has its benefits and detriments. Also, it is important to note that approximately 20-30% of pregnancies will spontaneously abort. Thus, by providing women with an ultrasound to show that the pregnancy is viable, that it is located in the uterus, and to determine gestational age we can give them the most important information in making this decision.

I spent the latter part of last week in east L.A. doing a 3 day training in sonography. Our mantra was: I am a nurse trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound. This means we’re not trained in finding fetal or gynecological anomalies nor are we trained in finding the gender of the baby. Our sole purposes are location, viability, and gestational age. I still have approximately 50-75 more supervised scans to complete before I am considered proficient in these skills. This is opposed to the nearly 1500 scans (approximately 1 year of training) that a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer has.

Seeing those little ones and watching the mothers, fathers, and siblings get a peek at their profiles is so rewarding. Approximately 80% of abortion minded women will choose life upon seeing their baby on ultrasound, saving their bodies from an invasive physical procedure and preserving their souls and spirits from being wounded through the knowledge of their choice ending the pregnancy.

It is humbling and amazing to think that God is using my talents as nurse to help women choose life, for themselves and their babies.

I am a HIPAA happy provider and the ultrasound pictures seen on this post were found on a Google image search. They are not from patients.


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