Doula for a six year old

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I doula’d my 6 year old organ transplant patient last night. I guessed that she was experiencing quite a bit

Teddy Bear

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of anxiety about the abdominal pain rather than the pain itself, which she was. I had her focus on an object (her teddy bear), take nice long deep breaths, and I held her head while stroking her hair. I also explained that it would hurt her more if she kept screaming and crying. Her family looked on in shock and amazement at my fabulous nursing skills as the patient calmed herself.

6 hours later, we had to wake her up for a chest x-ray at the bedside. I hugged her so that I could gently lift her for the radiologist tech to put the hard board underneath her. She then proceeded to scream bloody murder in my face while adding a nice “Stop HURTING me!!!!” I tried having her breathe and focus then but she wasn’t having it. Some dilaudid (pain medicine) was in order.

Well, perhaps a little more tantrum and manipulation than my usual client but overall, I considered it a successful night of nursing.


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