August 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I like to knit but in the 14 years that I’ve been knitting off and on, I’ve only ever completed a handful of scarves. Pitiful. While cleaning out my knitting supplies, I found another 5 scarves that are ugly, halfway done, and that I will probably never finish (or wear, for that matter).

One of my besties came over a few nights ago and helped me untangle my yarn that I was knitting into a blanket…a huge task! She taught me to ball my yarn BEFORE starting my project, saving me from hours of frustration later. Brilliant! In addition, I’ve been inspired by SouleMama and decided that I CAN knit…I just need to learn more than the basics. Thanks to Google and a slow night at work, I scoured the internet and have finally figured out what all those symbols and letters mean on a knitting pattern (you mean it’s not actually written in Greek???). I think was the most helpful. Some beginner sites still assumed you knew what some of the patterns were. Sheesh! Also, you tube was great for showing me what the stitch actually looked like while being created.

I found this pattern for baby booties for free from I’m not sure if it’s my favorite pattern but it’s the first pattern I’ve ever completed other than a scarf. Hooray! Now, I just have to make the other booty, sew it up, and add some pretty ribbon. I’m very proud of myself!

Haven’t decided which little tootsies to gift them to…but they’ll be cute on whoever they end up on!


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